7 Ways to keep your windows cleaner on Sydneys Northern beaches


Here’s 7 tips for keeping your windows cleaner for longer from Spencer at Shiny clean

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Start with some easily accessible windows on the outside of your house whilst getting used to the equipment, when you go inside, cover the floor area and remember…………………Work Safe!!

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The spiders think its Christmas already, here’s some tips on window cleaning and links to some suppliers of equipment

Next month, i’ll be giving tips on fly screen re-meshing, and how to best clean your fly screens

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7 Tips

1. Get yourself armed up with a decent bucket, washer and squeegee, see links below

2. Use plenty of concentrated dish-washing detergent, approx 1 cup for every 3 litres of cold water, (NB. add soap into the water bucket to reduce bubbles!)

3. Ensure you have a good rubber on your squeegee, if its worn out on the sides it’ll streak, a good rubber, gets a good finish!

4. Remove any cobwebs from around the frame before you get anything wet, preferably using a separate web brush. (avoid webs on the washer)

5. Soak the washer, then ring dry to approximately 50%, you will soon learn how much water is required. With the washer vertical, apply to wash window from top left to right or vice versa, start at the top and wash downwards, rubbing along the way any heavy dirt

6. Take a dry hand towel size rag (salvos), whilst window is still wet, wipe a line along the top edge of the glass you will be squeegee-ing (this reduces any drips from top edge)

7. Squeegee, by either fanning or the Polish method- Vertical squeegee moving from left to right or either way. Continue working that way, removing the water gradually downwards till the glass pane is free of soapy water

Bonus tips:
The Salvos is great for cheap towels for this kind of work. Remember to stick em in the washing machine first, and use a little white vinegar when on the rinse cycle (cheaper than softner, does the same thing)

To remove things such as hand prints, an easy way to do this is using a polishing cloth. With a polish glass tea towel that has been soaked in vinegar water, and hung till completely dry, these are the best polishing cloths. Vinegar removes grease and soap residue in the cloth, making it great for polishing

Note, Glass is best cleaned either wet with a squeegee, or polished using polish and a glass polish cloth (don’t rush it, and mix the 2 things together, it may work.. but will take forever)

Coming up.. i’ll be giving tips to keep glass balustrades clean, and techniques for cleaning louvres

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